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Spring arrives in the Yufuin Basin, which is surrounded by mountains at an altitude of over 450 meters, and is quite late even in Oita Prefecture.

Precisely because we can't wait, we are filled with joy when the bushes of butterflies sprout in the fields and the mountains, darkened by field burning, turn light green with the new buds of bracken and spring. It is also during this time that seasonal wild vegetables from the mountains and fields are served on the Yufuin Yume Hiroba menu.

Fish footbath

Summer has finally arrived when the mountains change color from pale fresh green to dark green. However, there are no tropical nights in the summer in Yufuin, which is also known as the Karuizawa of Kyushu, and even on a hot midsummer day, the temperature suddenly drops as soon as the sun goes down, and you can cool off with a fan. Summer in the Yufu Highlands can even feel chilly in the morning.


♨​Refresh your tired legs with a walk♨

Hot springs flowing directly from the source.

While the fish removes dead skin

Massage gently.

Unlimited time (towel included)

Per person: ¥800 

Business hours 10:00-17:00

 Basically closed on Tuesdays

Please use a nearby parking lot.


Of the four seasons, Yufuin is the most picturesque in autumn. Mt. Yufu is clothed in brocade, and the clear blue sky peeks out from between the autumn leaves. The sight of the town decorated with breathtaking beauty is a sight to behold. Morning mist over Lake Kinrinko is also a late autumn tradition. The garden of our inn is also decorated with vivid autumn leaves, which pleases the eyes of visitors.

Facility 0003.jpg


Yufuin in winter is covered in morning mist. If you enjoy strolling along the path while immersing yourself in the mystical and fantastical atmosphere that makes you feel like time has stopped, you will see the original scenery of a flock of small ducks along the Oita River that will warm your heart. Soak in the natural hot springs while looking out at the snow and enjoy the feeling of relaxing your body and mind.

​Open-air bath with natural hot spring water
​  ♨
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